Meet Dena


a Master Manifester
a Co-Creator of
Life Experiences
a Lifestyle Design Strategist

My entire life was jampacked with leadership & mediation training, facilitating groups & events, and helping people play & experience life at the fullest.

As a life long coach, mediator, supervisor, and facilitator, I’ve been successfully guiding clients through transformation and helping them uncover their heart’s desires.

If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed by life’s demands, my services aim to introduce clarity and inner inspiration.

As a Colorado native and a California transplant, I split my time between two states I LOVE so I can spend time connecting with the places and people important to me.  I offer live events in both states – I invite you to come connect in person.


My professional services include:

VIP Breakthrough Coaching*

VIP Wingwoman Experiment*

One:One Private Coaching*

Group Coaching Programs


Live Events


*space is limited

I invite you to a free Discovery Session.

Come, begin a journey towards your Future Self
and the ecstatic life you desire.